We have always heard of the practice of self-love, its importance, and its benefits. However, very few of us know how to practice love languages on ourselves. Let me go through them for you:

Practice Self Love
Practice Self Love

1. Spend Quality Time with yourself:

How? You can make a note of how you have improved since a year, month, or day. Go out for a walk, take yourself to a good place and spend some quality time alone, do meditate, or do yoga.

2. Always repeat Affirmative words:

Being affirmative about self contributes to confidence and self-esteem. Say phrases like “I am proud of you”, “You are doing your best”, or “You are so beautiful/handsome” in front of a mirror.

3. Love your body:

Take your time to love your body by taking care of your skin, hair, teeth, overall body. It can be done by moisturizing your skin, brushing your teeth two times a day, trimming hair to get rid of split ends, etc.

4. Reward yourself:

After achieving your goal or completing tasks, you should definitely reward yourself with fresh flowers a week, or go to your favorite restaurant you have always wanted to go to, and much more.

5. Take a Break:

It is always a good practice to take a break for rejuvenating yourself by doing something you love like painting, crafts, cleaning, organizing your room, etc.

Conclusion: Do not wait for anyone to offer the love you deserve. Start to love yourself to make a positive difference in your life which will change someone’s life too. I hope you will implement it in your life from now.

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