Positivity vs Negativity and 5 Powerful tips on how to fight off negativity!

Positivity vs Negativity, which wins? Ever heard that good things take time and bad things happen in a fraction of a second?
Yes, if you have ever observed it or not, you will now notice why negativity spreads faster than positivity.

Positivity vs Negativity

Positivity vs Negativity! Which wins?
Positivity vs Negativity! Which wins?

What does Positivity mean?

Positivity means thinking in an optimistic way, trying to find solutions, expecting good results and success, and focusing and making life happier. It’s a cheerful and worry-free state of mind, which looks at the brilliant side of life.

Positivity means a positive frame of mind:

  • With this frame of mind, you are doing not take things too personally.
  • You enjoy this moment.
  • You do not worry about the longer term.
  • You specialize in doing and achieving, not on brooding about the past and about difficulties.
  • It means a state of being a cheerful, tolerant, and good-natured.

In Positivity, there is Confidence, Eagerness, Enthusiasm, Optimism, Willingness, etc.
These all bring up the righteous energy which brightens your life.

There are many who don’t have a perfect body, have lost a job, have health issues, are bankrupt, and everyone taunts. But, they are thankful for the family, best friend, a roof, food to eat, earning sufficient to fulfill daily needs.

What does Negativity mean?

Negative consequences are bad consequences, like losing a game, getting a disease, suffering an injury, or getting something stolen. Negativity is an attitude that always expects such circumstances to happen. “I bet it’ll rain during our picnic!” and “No one could ever love me!” are samples of negativity. “The world is getting worse and worse!” is negativity. Someone filled with negativity is tough to cheer up, and that they always expect the worst. the other of negativity is positivity.

In Negativity, there is Hatred, Criticism, Pessimism, Hopelessness, lack of enthusiasm, defeatism, lack of motivation, and whatnot.
Negativity spreads like a speed of light. Much faster, very slow to heal, very contagious and drains almost all your energy
Whereas it takes courage and full energy to be positive and do optimistic work.

We often see that people who are hopeless spread negativity a lot. They lack to find opportunities or solutions. Complaining and criticizing is absolutely normal for a negative thinker. Remember, Collecting positive energy is challenging but not impossible.

Negativity often makes you forget to appreciate what you have and compares to what you don’t have.
We should concentrate on what we’re blessed with and be happy for what we have already.

Remember, we can definitely go through what we’re going through.


Then how can we overcome negativity using positivity?

5 super simple tips to fight your Negativity right now
5 super simple tips to fight your Negativity right now

You need to form efforts to extend positivity in your life, so as to counteract negativity. a touch more optimism, love, and happy thoughts would assist you during this respect. Do something useful every day, to enhance your life and therefore the lives of people. All this will contribute to a gentle growth of positivity in your life.

Each evening, sit down and think about what quite thoughts and emotions you experienced this day? Were there more positive or negative thoughts and emotions? Think about what you’ll do tomorrow to extend positivity in your life.

As you fill your day with more constructive, optimistic, and happy thoughts and emotions, and do beneficial actions to form life better a day, you’ll understand more what positivity is and the way to extend it in your life.

5 powerful tips on how to fight off negativity

  1. Read, Listen, and Watch Motivational and Positive Content:
    We often see that those who daily consume motivational content, are very positive in nature. They don’t get upset over small things. Similarly, they are optimistic and very energetic towards their goals, happiness, and surroundings.
  2. Don’t take other’s negative opinions:
    Negative people gossip a lot and spread criticism. In addition, they are very contagious and can affect your mood. It’s a good idea to not take any opinions or gossips as a piece of personal advice. Be aware of such behavioral people.
  3. Take it as a challenge, not a problem:
    Yes, to attract positive energy, first convert your problems into challenges. Don’t cover your opportunities with the curtain of problems. Negative thinking will always find a problem for any solution. Be opportunistic, and turn your problems into challenges, then to solutions.
  4. Don’t be a Bad news Forwarder:
    Confused? I am talking about the latest trends that happen daily in the world. Every time you consume contradictory news, your mind starts to think negatively. To avoid that, cleanse and detox your mind from the toxicity of the surroundings. Breathe in, breathe out but don’t breathe the wicked news.
  5. Your mind is a powerful tool:
    Have you ever heard about the ultimate power of the subconscious mind? The way you feed your mind is what you will receive eventually. Make your mind strong by obeying positive activities. Find out how you can use your free powerful tool i.e. MIND in this book: The Power of Subconscious Mind!

In Conclusion, follow the above 5 tips on how to fight off negativity right now and observe the change that happens in your life soon!


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