This article is a fictional story relating to Live a Life without Regret by Taking Step towards Success.

What can cause a Regret in Life? What is the Step Towards Success? Read this story.

Live Life Regretless - Take Step Towards Success
Live Life Regretless – Take Step Towards Success

Once a boy in college fell in love at first sight with a girl in his batch.

He tried to be near her as much as he could (during drama class, music class, library, etc.) for the first quarter.

First, she looked at him as an acquaintance, but later she got habitual with his company. 

The girl now started to like the boy too, but she kept waiting for boy to take the first step.

Now the feelings were mutual at both ends but none were taking the initiative.

Somewhere both were confused regarding the outcome of proposing the other one out.

Slowly year came to an end & prom has arrived.

At this time boy thought to ask her out for prom. On the way to her, he saw a guy proposing her for prom.

Girl being confused accepted the first proposal she got.

By watching this boy couldn’t handle himself.

It was like hundreds of arrows pierced his heart.

After the breaks in a sophomore year, he started avoiding her sight, ignoring her completely. Which led to hurt her. They both parted ways.

It was the immaturity of that teenage, that they both couldn’t understand that being with the right person is important & not that who takes initiative.

But after his whole was at an end, & when he was at his death bed. He regretted his heart out for not pursuing her, he could have asked her out later.

On the other hand girl after being a Grandma, she shared stories to her grandchildren about the boy, her first love in college.

They both carried this regret for their whole life till death.

In this story, we conclude that it’s better to take action in time, pursue your dream at the level best, cause in the end whatever you have accomplished feels nothing in front of that regret.

There are hundreds of possibilities waiting for you to take an initial step.

Don’t be a cold foot, to reach the island you have to cross the ocean.


  1. That’s amazingly true about regrets. we should definitely live life regretless.

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