A few days ago we celebrated Navratri, where we worship Goddess of India which are forms of Shakti.

We establish their statues at our home, at public places & worship them wholeheartedly. 

Some keep fasting, some walk barefoot, something or the other till the festival to worship our Mother Goddesses.

On the 10th day, we celebrate the victory of God Ram on Ravan, i.e. Good on Evil.

Where Ram Defeated & killed Ravan For abduction of Sita.

Now we Celebrating the festival of Diwali, also recognized as the Festival of Lights.

During Diwali, we worship Goddess Laxmi and Bhaubeej (a Brother-Sister bond celebration).

These are all that I recognize in my life until now. Where we pleased women in our lives as goddesses & worship them as an idol of purity.

This synopsis repeats each & every year.

Are we actually worshipping Goddess of India?

Goddess of India
Goddess of India

I admire the feelings of theist, the festival, but one thing keeps on haunting my mind is what goes wrong with the eve-teasers, molesters, rapists, murderers, dowry seekers. Aren’t they theist or are they just fooling our society?

It is unfortunate to say that the actual victory of Good on Evil doesn’t exist in the real world where we live.

Crime against women is at a peak in India.

In 2016, 3.38 lakh crime incidents against women reported, rape cases went up 11.5% of them. But with only 1 in 4 rape cases concluding up in a conviction, it’s a painstakingly slow path to justice for rape victims in the country. (1)

Whatever I see makes me acknowledge that India is in terrible condition where on one side we Indians worship goddesses as our mothers & on the other side we abuse our real mothers, assault them, abandon them.

We shred the integrity of a woman and then even judge her for her way of living.

It’s harmful for a nation that is dreaming to become a 5 trillion economy soon, where the nation could not protect the integrity of women.

To conclude, I think, appropriate copulation education, improving the ideology & mindset of the nation required now.


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