Do you feel like not being a priority in a relationship?

Do you feel haunted not being a priority in a relationship? Is this natural or are you misinterpreting it? Are you connecting reality & emotions with technology? Read the below post which is judging priority based on technology:

Delivered at 11.31
Read at 11.31
Typing… at 11.31
Feels great, doesn’t it?
To be someone’s priority,
no matter what time it is.

Unknown Author 1

The above post made me think about what exactly went wrong with our system? our thinking? our mentality?

Why do we feel like not being a priority in a relationship?

Do you feel like not being a priority in a relationship
What should be your priority in a relationship?

We are breaking our good relations because of silly reasons, want to know how?

What if you are in deep sleep with wifi / mobile data off and your loved one’s message pops up?
Is there any system that will wake you up from your deep sleep to reply to that individual or at least lets you know the emergence in the message you received?

The other individual might assume that you are having an affair with someone that’s why you are avoiding those replies. But the reality is completely different.
One day he/she will gather all assumptions and then break the bond with you because of such silly things.

Such posts really impact the mind of a person. It might not have an immediate effect, but slowly & gradually it will destroy a lovely relation between friends, families or partners.
We should be mature enough to have an understanding between us.

Priority doesn’t mean you need to be online on a mobile phone just to reply, Priority means you value that person more than anyone or anything.

We confuse the priority of relationship with time. Here we have to understand reality, solve the misunderstandings, and be kind to each other instead of blaming each other for not giving enough time.

Technology is a boon given to us all, it connects people who are derived by the distance in them. Don’t break your connection because of such silly reasons for which you will regret later. Use technology wisely and meet in person to always be happy.

Conclusion: Today, before you judge someone based on technology, just take a span of time to understand their situation, it can save your relation and your life will be fruitful.

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