Crying is not a Crime! And it is a natural healer.

Crying is not a Crime! Yes, you heard it right.
In this growing age, we tend to hear a lot of sayings that “You are grown up, grown-ups don’t cry”. But we forget the reality of life. The reality is, we all are humans, we all have feelings and it is very obvious and natural to cry in situations which are uncontrollable.

Always remember, Crying is not a Crime.

Crying is not a Crime! And it is a natural healer.
Crying is not a Crime! And it is a natural healer.

It is an obvious and sudden feeling of sadness/happiness that drops the tear from your eyes, which means we are functioning normally.

You can cry, no matter what others say. It is your emotions. Holding onto emotions is a very stupid thing to do. Whether you are a girl, boy, lady, man, transgender, mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather, you all have the right to cry and not feel ashamed of it.

If tear makes you feel calm then cry…
Don’t fall in stupid sayings like
“Don’t cry, you are an adult now. Adults don’t cry.”
Adults also need relaxation, and tears can make you relax and calm.

Crying is not a crime. It’s an emotion from the heart. It helps you remove dirt as well as all your stress and worries.

Some experts say, Crying is also beneficial for health [1]. It is a natural stress buster. It can heal you mentally and releases your stress.

Crying can regulate your emotions, calm you, reduce your stress, releases toxins, and enhances the mood. Also, it can aid sleep and improves your vision.

Research has discovered that crying tears discharges oxytocin and endorphins. These synthetic compounds cause individuals to feel great and may likewise ease both physical and passionate agony. Along these lines, crying can help diminish torment and advance a feeling of prosperity.

Conclusion: So, don’t fall for these words that, “Crying is not an adult thing”. Instead, cry and come out stronger than before.

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