I found the below quote which had define Maturity & wanted to share it with everyone!

"Get partner who is matured to educate you,
Matured enough to handle your shits,
Matured enough to accept your flaw,
Remember, looks are everywhere but person with good mindset is rare"

At first, you’ll think nothing’s wrong with the quote, then you’ll read the entire article to understand it.

Can you define Maturity?

Do we really understand/define Maturity? Most of us are getting influenced by the wrong quotes or articles which disturbs our thinking! See how.

Can you define Maturity?
Can you define Maturity?

Maturity is not about educating someone, handling shits or doing something which you cannot do.

Do we really need a supporting partner for life or a caretaker/manager for you who can handle your shits that you’ve created?

Why we really expect someone to be something which we are not?

A mature individual will educate himself to evolve into a better individual.

A matured individual will handle their own shits, will accept their own flaws first & won’t depend on someone.

Such posts deeply impact the mind of an individual who reads it.

As a result, it can affect an individual in such a way that they will start being dependent on others & won’t learn new things unless spoon-fed.

Ultimately, they will think there are people who will clean all shit they have created, which will impact any relation.

We should observe ourself first, we are the only creator of our future.

Partner, Family, and Friends will be there to support, but depending on someone to spoon-feed you, it will ultimately drag you into depression when that someone flees from your life.

Depression and stress are caused as we expect a lot from people and the irony is, sometimes we don’t fulfill our one’s expectations. This cycle will go on & you should break that chain.

Break such false influencing stereotypes which creates problems, misunderstandings, and depression.

Conclusion: Maturity is rarely found, be that rare kind of individual first!


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