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Motivational & Inspirational Blog | Motivate Peeps
Motivational & Inspirational Blog | Motivate Peeps

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  • Self-care tips for everyone!
    What is self-care and why it is important? Have you ever been in a situation where you value other’s opinion or become negative, or lose confidence in front of anyone? So, that’s where self-care is missing. Once you care about yourself, you create a healthy relationship with yourself which boosts your confidence, makes you positive …
  • 9 Amazing ways to BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE
    In the event that you feel like uncertainties are keeping you down, these tips can assist you with assuming responsibility for your own perspective. What is Self-Confidence? Self-confidence is characterized as a sentiment of trust in one’s capacities, characteristics, and judgment. Self-confidence is critical to your physical and mental well-being. Having a sound degree of …
  • There’s no perfect time! The time is now!
    There’s no perfect time! Yes, to express affection, to accept virtue, to feel blessings, to honor someone, there is no such perfect time! What do we indicate by Perfect Time in general? We often expect for the moment to happen or give a chance to the work by prophesying the future where we feign there …
  • Positivity vs Negativity and 5 Powerful tips on how to fight off negativity!
    Positivity vs Negativity, which wins? Ever heard that good things take time and bad things happen in a fraction of a second?Yes, if you have ever observed it or not, you will now notice why negativity spreads faster than positivity. Positivity vs Negativity What does Positivity mean? Positivity means thinking in an optimistic way, trying …
  • Crying is not a Crime! And it is a natural healer.
    Crying is not a Crime! Yes, you heard it right.In this growing age, we tend to hear a lot of sayings that “You are grown up, grown-ups don’t cry”. But we forget the reality of life. The reality is, we all are humans, we all have feelings and it is very obvious and natural to …
  • Do you feel like not being a priority in a relationship?
    Do you feel haunted not being a priority in a relationship? Is this natural or are you misinterpreting it? Are you connecting reality & emotions with technology? Read the below post which is judging priority based on technology: Hi!Delivered at 11.31Read at 11.31Typing… at 11.31Feels great, doesn’t it?To be someone’s priority,no matter what time it …
  • A lost human touch: Global Pandemic
    In this fast-moving digital world, too many of us either took a human touch, their presence for granted or falsely believed that we could stay connected with the devices. Because of the pandemic, it reminded us about the value of human touch, human voice, physical presence, a friendly handshake, a warm hug, and embracing kiss. …
  • Can you define Maturity?
    I found the below quote which had define Maturity & wanted to share it with everyone! “Get partner who is matured to educate you, Matured enough to handle your shits, Matured enough to accept your flaw, Remember, looks are everywhere but person with good mindset is rare” At first, you’ll think nothing’s wrong with the …
  • Inspiration In Life
    Every human being has come across few circumstances which either gave them inspiration in life or lesson for life. In life, there are three things that play a major role in molding your graph. Failure Empty Wallet Heartbreak These are the factors that either sculpt your “Success Story for TEDx” or “Gossips For neighbor Aunties”. …
  • Take the Risk in your Life | The Biggest Risk is Not Taking any Risk
    You are probably not happy because you didn’t take the risk in your life. You aren’t happy? What’s bothering you?Your:Family?Friends?Loved ones?Job?Health? If anything above is bothering you then you have a simple solution, take the risk.Risk is an important factor for any living being to be alive. No risks taken, you’re already dead. Take the …
  • Live Life Regretless – Take Step Towards Success
    This article is a fictional story relating to Live a Life without Regret by Taking Step towards Success. What can cause a Regret in Life? What is the Step Towards Success? Read this story. Once a boy in college fell in love at first sight with a girl in his batch. He tried to be …
  • Are we actually worshipping Goddess of India?
    A few days ago we celebrated Navratri, where we worship Goddess of India which are forms of Shakti. We establish their statues at our home, at public places & worship them wholeheartedly.  Some keep fasting, some walk barefoot, something or the other till the festival to worship our Mother Goddesses. On the 10th day, we …
  • What makes you unhappy in life?
    In this article, we are depicting one fictional story with a conclusion of why we are actually unhappy in life. Are we actually Unhappy in Life or we create it? Read the story below: A while back, a person in a settlement used to gather stones from his surroundings. Those stones were worthless for all. …
  • The Narrative Story of Struggle: A Journey towards Success
    Everyone is curious to read the legendary story of struggle and in this article, we have covered what is Struggle and how it leads to success. What is the Story of Struggle? The struggle is an eternal part of life on the journey to success. None empire was built or destroyed without a struggle. The …
  • Dashrath Manjhi – The Mountain Man
    Dashrath Manjhi (1929 – 17/08/2007), was also known as – the Mountain Man. He was a laborer at Gehlaur village, near Gaya in Bihar, India. Dashrath Manjhi was born in a Musahar family, at the lowest rung of the caste system. He ran away from his home at a young age because of a village …
  • First Climbers of the Mount Everest
    Have you ever thought who are the First Climbers of the Mount Everest? Mount Everest has the current official elevation of 8,848 m (29,029 ft), recognized by China and Nepal, which was established by a 1955 Indian survey and subsequently confirmed by a Chinese survey in 1975. Mt. Everest attracts many climbers, some of them …
  • What is Motivation?
    Have you ever had a question of what exactly Motivation is? It is the strength within you, which inspires you to achieve your goals. But, is Struggle interrupting the way to your goals? Obviously, the struggle is a part of life. It will be there. The thing that matters the most is the motivation, which …

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