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Welcome to Motivate Peeps!

Motivation is an essential part of life that helps us traverse through moments of success and failure alike. And just like the daily Bread & Butter, we believe that it is something that everyone should consume.

Through quotes, stories, and personal experiences aimed to inspire, resonate and grow you into a better person, we have made it our vision and mission to motivate our peeps all around the world.

I started writing quotes on Instagram in 2017, September. Formerly it was named as Quotes For Life NJ, where NJ is the initials of my Full Name.

It is where the journey started for Motivate Peeps. In June 2019, I renamed “Quotes For Life NJ” to “Motivate Peeps” to make the goal clear and started the website.

It is such a pleasant journey for me to share positive vibes on Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and obviously our website.


Motivate Peeps - Author - Neha Jella
Motivate Peeps – Author – Neha Jella

Hello there!

Thanks for being here on my website.

I am Neha Jella, 24 yo, Social Media Marketer also the founder of Motivate Peeps. It’s being almost 5 years, I started writing quotes about Motivation & Life.

I have helped my friends & acquaintances to stay motivated through my guidance to create personal & professional transformation.

It is my mission to provide life guidance that everyone needs to transcend beyond their limiting fears and beliefs, accomplish their goals and realize their true desires.

I consider all people essentially the same, but what sets them apart and determines their future is the reach of their thoughts and ambition.



Goals have always been to Motivate My Peeps. Motivation is a daily Bread & Butter everyone should consume. Motivational & Inspirational Blog Content is shared on this site.

We allow people around the world to submit their positive write-ups. Also, to get featured on our Page, kindly visit here. This will help us to grow our community with Optimism spread across the world.

Every detail is important in life. The contribution will always help individuals to succeed in life.

Author: Neha Jella

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