In this fast-moving digital world, too many of us either took a human touch, their presence for granted or falsely believed that we could stay connected with the devices.

Because of the pandemic, it reminded us about the value of human touch, human voice, physical presence, a friendly handshake, a warm hug, and embracing kiss.

Due to lockdown, no place is romantic anymore without loved ones, no place is a tourist place anymore, everything is now a no touchable place, only humans can make the place better and beautiful, not those sculptures made of cement.

Let’s appreciate the human touch!

A lost human touch: Global Pandemic
A lost human touch: Global Pandemic

When we get through this pandemic, everything will mean so much for everyone. Everyone will praise, applaud and appreciate things surrounded with. Also, every smell of season we will be grateful for, every hand will be worth holding on, every kiss will be worth felt for and every hug will melt the tension off.

Look how fragile this world is! We cannot survive without the touch of loved ones, without the food nature gave us, without the health we better deserve. Everything interrelated to everyone. We will gather again, love again, respect each other again for fighting through this situation. Love will happen again, health will be prioritized again, animals & birds will be happy again to see the humans onboard.

Nature is healing due to this situation we are going through 1. We hope it brings positivity again, we hope everyone will follow their dreams again, we hope everything becomes beautiful again, we hope no one will betray again, we hope no terror will happen again, we hope no crime happens again, and we hope everything goes well again.

This pandemic taught us various things in our life. And we will communicate with our future generation about how fragile this world is, how fast everything can change. Wealth, Fame, and Power are there but it won’t be exchanged with nature to get any benefit.

Above all, we shouldn’t forget the lesson of being together, to appreciate the things which keep the human bond alive. Always love, respect and be human. Humans do mean to create a connection, not to break the connection.


Learn to appreciate and throw off your ego. Be happy and make the surroundings happy. Treat the animals & birds with kindness, feed them, love them and appreciate them for keeping our planet beautiful.
Most importantly, take time to love yourself, embrace your soul, give nature and it’s people the respect & care it deserves.


  1. Truly said !! We are one..
    We are different from each other but
    Remember we are not separate from each other.we are ONE !!!!

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