Carbide – Cemented carbide – Tungsten carbide

Tungsten carbide – WC , Titanium carbide – TiC, Tantalum carbide – Tac

Typically used for cutting tools or other industrial applications.

Carbide can withstand higher temperatures and can cut material such as stainless steel.

Extremely hard with high resistance to scratching.

Carbide is often used for end mills, drill bits, cutters, mining tools, saw blades and other cutting tools.


Carbide can be considered more brittle and may be susceptible to chipping and breaking.  Carbide is more expensive than standard tool steel.


Tanfel offers completed custom parts as well as standard Rods, Bars and Strips.


  • Material: Carbide , Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium
  • Rods, Bars, Strips and Custom parts

Our Services

  • Engineering & Design Support
  • Global Sourcing
  • Quality Control & Inspection Services
  • Supply Chain Management


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