All products delivered by Tanfel Inc. are guaranteed against manufacturing defects.  This guarantee applies exclusively by the replacement of the defective product (including their transport) under the listed conditions afterwards.


It is the Customer’s responsibility to show the defect(s) met within one month following the date of delivery of the product. A report of analysis and/or control must be written and transmitted to Tanfel. This written report must at least include the following elements:

  • The reference of the Product and the production file.
  • The date codes of the faulty batch.
  • The number of items presenting the indicated defect.
  • Reasons of the rejections (referring to the file or the basic standard).
  • Several photographs or scan showing the defect in the clearest way possible and on several samples.

Following this report an agreement of assumption of responsibility or a request for further information is sent by Tanfel.

If the provided elements do not allow an immediate agreement of assumption of responsibility or if the conformity of the product can be carried out by the factory it can be asked to return the whole or part of the questionable batch.

In any cases the Customer must preserve the defective products not yet claimed until delivery of the replacement items after which the defective items shall be destroyed if they were not asked in return.

(Attention the use of product judged to be defective and replaced according to the guarantee is dangerous and violates customs’ regulations).


In the event of proven defect, the items will be replaced or given in conformity within a time equivalent to the initial time of manufacture and shipping.

This time of replacement starts from the date of our agreement on assumption of responsibility of the defect, and after reception of the contractual elements.


In the event of proven defect, the replacement of the product and their transport will take place free of charge for the Customer.

Subject to absence of litigation of payment, a Credit Note for the defective items will be emitted at the same time as an invoice of replacement and the two documents may be enclosed in the shipment of the replacement products. Thus, the Credit Note and the new invoice come to be compensated in the accounts of the Customer.


Non-Recurring-Engineering and Tooling will be maintained at Tanfel’s External Provider’s facility throughout the lifespan of the Customer’s product. In the event that the tooling remains inactive for a minimum of 3 years, Tanfel may dispose of the tool or a storage fee may be assessed for further warehousing.

  1. Quoted prices are based on information furnished or assumptions made during time of quotation. Additional requirements or changes may affect price and scheduling following thorough data review.
  2. Tanfel liability is limited to defective products that have been produced and delivered and shall not exceed the product face value listed on the purchase order.
  3. Lead times are approximate and begin upon completion of engineering review and or sample approval.  In any case where Tanfel may have delays caused by or resulting from Acts of God, war, civil commotion, fire, flood or other casualty, labor difficulties, shortages of labor, materials or equipment, government regulations,  unusually severe weather, or other causes beyond Tanfel’s reasonable control shall not be counted in determining the time during which work shall be completed, whether such time be designated by a fixed date, a fixed time or a “reasonable time,” and such time shall be deemed to be extended by the period of such delay. Tanfel accepts no liability for costs of delays.
  4. Cancellation charges are based on percentage of job completed (this includes NRE and Test Charges).
  5. Quoted prices are based on factors calculated at time of quote.  These factors include: raw material costs, labor rates, currency conversion rates, fuel prices, tariff and more. Prices are subject to adjustments with a significant change in any of these factors. 
  6. Upon issuance of purchase order, customer understands and agrees to the conditions listed above.
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