With our Headquarters in Carlsbad California, Tanfel has been a leading provider of custom metal parts since 2008.  We focus on stamping, extrusion, casting as well as CNC machining.  Our competitive edge is derived from our ability to deliver high quality parts at globally competitive prices all from a single source. We are your complete metal parts provider and supply chain solution.

We help you from product design, prototype validation, production, assembly, quality control, global logistics, and inventory management. Tanfel parts are used by leading OEM’s in North America in a number of industries including:

Communications, Lighting, Audio – Music, Medical – Life Sciences, Automotive, Instrumentation, Control & Automation, Health & Fitness, Consumer electronics, & more.

With our worldwide network of quality ISO & TS certified facilities, we can support your large production or prototype requirements. All your needs are handled locally to ensure the highest level of service and quality at globally competitive prices. Our experienced technical professionals will work with you anywhere at anytime. We will do this through an instant global communication network or discuss with you face to face at your site. With interactive communication, we can assist you to meet your tight product development schedule, cope with dynamic marketing changes and achieve responsive manufacturing. Our computer systems are setup and able to receive your 3D CAD data in any format efficiently, completely and accurately. We are confident that we can deliver your parts efficiently from your innovative design to a delivered end-product at your dock.

Our Services

  • Engineering & Design Support
  • Global Sourcing
  • Quality Control & Inspection Services
  • Supply Chain Management


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