Many options are available to ensure that your needs are met including: material, finish, print options, color , conductive pills and more.

Tanfel offers silicone rubber and plastic keypads / keyboards for use in computers, mobile phones, data organizers, calculators, remote controls and numerous other items.

Once you give us a concept, we can design and produce a high quality and low-cost conductive rubber pad that precisely meets your needs. You can choose from a complete range of key-stroke / travel, actuation force and tactile response from firm to soft. Key size and location and a variety of key-top styles with printing options are all available.

We specialize in various types of standard and conductive keypads. Silicone rubber keypads can be co-molded with silicone conductive pills (carbon, gold or metal).


These Features Include:

  • Protective Coating: Glossy / Matte / EM / PU / Metallic
  • Special Effects: Laser etching (backlight), Phosphorescent (Glow-in-the-dark), Flourescent
  • Metal-pill contact
  • Plastic keycap-to-rubber keypad assembly
  • Plastic key tree keycap
  • PC films caps download silicone product sheet here


Our Services

  • Engineering & Design Support
  • Global Sourcing
  • Quality Control & Inspection Services
  • Supply Chain Management


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